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You must be 18 years of age or older, if not you must have a parent/ legal gaurdian that must sign for you !

Eyebrow Wax


Lip Wax


Chin Wax


 Side Wax


Package Deals:

Lip & Chin $30.00

Lip & Side $30.00

Eyebrow & Lip  $35.00

Lip,Chin,Sides  $45.00

Brow, Lip,  Sides   $50.00

Brow, Lip, Chin $50.00

Full Face $60.00

Men Services




Eyebrow Wax


Nose Wax


Ear Wax



Package Deals :

Nose & Ear  $30.00

Eyebrow & Nose  $35.00

Eyebrow & Ear  $35.00

Full Face  $50.00


        Here at Browlicous I    use a mixture of waxes. They are all from the brand of satin smooth. The first one is the Zinc Oxide, which  works extremely well with very thin or sensitive    skin. This wax is used for everything on the woman   or   mans    face.  So like everything I    like to switch  things up to keep your skin/ hair guessing, so I    go back and forth between  the two waxes. The second wax I    use is the Aloe Vera wax.  Which its infused with natural Aloe Vera    to cool and moisturize the skin and will    help with any irritation,    good for all skin types.  The  third    wax I   am    using is the Blue Titanium Hard wax, which is really good for those thick, stubborn hairs, and it  will also help    prevent breakouts.  I will mainly be using this for the  nose   and   ear    services.



Sierra Gardens Drive

Suite   10

Roseville, Ca 95661

(510) 396-7413

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